vinter i Haugvegen

this photo is taken from my grandfather house in Haugvegen. I grew up here, and all the neighbors were my friend. most of them were my grandparents age, and I would go by the mailboxes, take out their mail, and deliver them at their doors. an excuse to visit I guess

in the red house there used to live an old man that I would visit from time to time. he was the only one I knew that was alive during the first world war. I had a very limited understanding of what that ment, but it interested me a lot. I would ring his doorbell, and stand patiently outside his door for about three minutes (a long time for a young girl) and ask if he wanted to talk, or if he needed anything at the store. I visit his and many others' grave when I'm at home and my mind goes wandering.

what a wonderful childhood. I'm so happy I can look back at it with a sense of admiration and longing, but still be content with and very happy about being a grown up. all the different times in life are beautiful. be where you are now.