little by little, one travels far

i think i get more easily disturbed by the world around me then the next person, but the bigger problem is how aware of it i am. sometimes i am so aware, that it creates unnecessary hinders, and periods of deep despair and depression. i get so lost in my own despair, that i don't even know i'm lost anymore, and eventually i stop trying to get myself out of it.

it does get easier with time. the the more often i get lost, the quicker i find my way again. this time i got lost deep inside, and the way out was a harsh one. but i am, in return, more reassured of myself, and what i am, then i ever have been. 

i am still lost somehow, but for some reason i think it's a good thing. i think i'm on an unknown road to something at the moment, and honestly i can't wait till i get there.


quote by tolkien