to the educators of the world

do not keep it all within four walls, heads bent to a desk over textbooks. let them be actively involved, from their communities to world issues. don't just take them to musuems, let them witness firsthand the fruits of empathetic, passionate people who come together for a good cause. allow them to realize their privileges, their power, and their potential. teach them the responsibility they have to themselves and their fellow human beings. after all, what good is a world of developed brains, but undeveloped hearts? what good are hands that can hold a pencil, but do not reach out to hold the hand of another, to lift the oppressed, the impoverished, the hurting? 

most importantly, let a good and free education be the right of all people everywhere, regardless of age, race, gender, location, or class. do not let it be about money, corruption, control, or political purposes, but about the people, the individual beings and light of humanity.

by susanna-cole king. read more