what is that you express in your eyes? It seems to me more than all the print I have read in my life

i had a photo shoot with beautiful caroline, a while back. we were all over town over the period of two days.. ton of fun, though. i got to borrow clothes for over €3000 from designer stores, boutiques and other clothes stores. the dress on the top picture, is an isabel marant dress that i borrowed from a little boutique called shine. the second dress is a dress from carlings, and the scarf in the last picture is from a little cute little shop called cornelias hus. though the clothes are not the main focus in these pictures i posted, it was a lot of fun playing with different ways of showing off garment. 

basically this was a creative project i felt i needed to carry out to get back into photography again, and after a lot of hard work i feel like i'm moving forwards towards new creative heights.. i might be posting photos from the photo shoot now and then, and i have a lot of other shoots planned in the near future, so keep swinging by 


quote on the title by the wonderful walt whitman