all i want is us

as i look around me, my existence suddenly hits me hard and things become very clear. have i created this life? or has it, by chance, become so heart wrenchingly beautiful that i have no choice but to let a tear escape down my cheek. i am living now, and not tomorrow. i feel that i am alive, because every inch of me is caressed by a flow of happiness and the feeling of being loved and love equally in return.

having you next to me, writing and playing the soundtrack of our lives, takes this petty life of mine and turns it into something from a movie. something from the great love stories of our time. something far better and more intense then i'd ever dear ask of.

looking at you, sitting there so passionate an real, like you are with everything in life, unaware of how much you hold my heart and how i have completely given myself to you, makes me realize how alive and in control of my own life i am.

you're mine, and i yours, and we made that happen.


love you forever, and whatever comes after.