i would stay

if a fortune teller told me one day
that your love for me would go away
i would still stay 

if she told me you would breake my heart
and rip my fragile soul apart
i know that i would always grieve
but I would never think to leave

if she said that you would hurt my thoughts
and turn my virtues into faults
i'd say i'd rather be beaten to the ground
then never really truly be found 

if she told me that the flowers of may
and the autumn leaves that fly away
would always remind me of you and i
i cannot lie, i would stay by your side 

i'd explain to her in tender words
and with quiet whispers of sleepless birds
that a soul like yours is a gift so rear
and your thoughts and voice i need to hear 

if she told me that time would nothing heal
but the bruising of my heart only seal
the memories of our golden days
and the love we felt in the summer haze 

i would still love you true
feeling down feeling blue
feelig greateful and blessed
though my hours with you had passed

better to have loved someone with all that you are
that leaves a heartache and a scar
then to go through life without knowing the one
that for you is both the moon and the sun 

for with you time is a precious gift
and i'd rather it be in a present swift
then to have never experienced the unikeness that is you
and a love that i felt to be oh so true